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Breast Enlargement Machine/ Breast Vibrating Massager

Main Functions:
Equipped with physical therapy, our breast enlargement device stimulates pituitary to excrete hormone, exercises elasticity of muscle tissue and fabric function and makes breast elastic and smooth. This breast machine has visible and quick effects in breast enlarging, breast lifting, sunken mammilla rectifying.
1. Shape function: This breast vibrating massager can maintain a good breast shape and protect the breasts from rebound deformation
2. Breast enlargement function: Congenital or acquired factors sometimes lead to drooping breasts. With our breast massaging device, you can exercise breast muscle as well as make your breasts more elastic. Finally, our massage achieves the effect of enlarging breast.
3. Massage function: Special massage is the basic and effective way for breast enlargement. Regular massages can increase your breast size and stimulate the secretion of estrogen. The surrounding fat will be gathered to enlarge your breasts. Besides, lymphatic system will be improved effectively to avoid toxin, breast disease or breast cancer.
4. Repair function: this breast massager can deal with problems like, breast atrophy, breast sagging, breast fat scattered inequality and sunken mammilla.

Advantages of our Vibrating Breast Enlargement Machine:
Very easy and convenience to use, enjoy the breast enlarge at anywhere

Product details:
Model Number OBS-0408
Type breast enlargement machine/ breast vibrating massager
Working Principle Vacuum physical
Brand Name OABES
Material ABS
Application family use/home use or beauty salon use
Input voltage 220V
Rated voltage DC 12V
No-load current ≦800mA
No-load flow ≧3Lmin
Max pressure ≧100Kpa
Max negative pressure ≦-72Kpa
Load Noise ≦65dB (distance 1M)
Environmental noise less than 40dB
Pressure resistance standard AC 600V/05A .1sec
Power line appears externally 290±10mm
Product size 27*21*13cm
Package 1pcs per color box, 4pcs per carton
Color options white with red
Service OEM/ODM available
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