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Mini Facial Patch / Low Frequency Pulse Massager Mini Facial Patch / Massager

The mini facial patch and low frequency pulse massager is a compact and wireless device which emits a digital pulse current that penetrates deep within the skin to promote blood circulation. By dispelling those bags beneath your eyes, removing wrinkles and overall improving facial skin, this massager give users a younger, fresher look, providing a confidence that won't go unnoticed.

Model OBS-801
Type Low frequency pulse massage
Voltage DC3V (Lithium Battery CR2032)
Mode 3 options (tapping, kneading, pressing)
Intensity 5 levels
Gift box size 18.5x13.5x4.5cm
Package 1pcs/gift box, 90pcs/ carton

1. Low frequency pulse massage
2. No harmful side effects
3. Tapping, kneading and pressing massage options
4. Small massager for convenient home use

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