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Multifunctional Sonic Beauty Showers

Function (4 in 1):
Face Cleansing: The high rotating speed of our multifunctional shower gives your face a deep clean. Our sonic beauty shower takes away makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin. At the meantime, it massages your facial muscle and makes you relax. It also helps the blood circulation and skin metabolism of your face, brightening your skin.

Sonic Cleansing: The sonic technology of our beauty shower provides a deep and quick cleansing for cleansing your body. It quickly removes the deep dirt, exfoliates dead & dry flaky skin, smooths bumpy skin, etc. It offers your body a gentle and smooth experience and does no harm to your skin.

Sonic Massage: High frequency sound waves reach your skin and give you a gentle massage, which is also known as sonic massage. Our shower relaxes your facial muscle and helps your body absorb skin care products. Besides, it also promotes metabolism, fat decomposition, exhaust gas emission and weight loss.

Negative Ion SPA: A combination of high-frequency sound wave, rotating brush and high-speed water flow provides plenty of negative ions. Being absorbed by body, those ions make an improvement in regulation of nerve center and have certain benefits in lung function, hypertension, asthma, influenza, insomnia, arthritis, etc.

Details and Parts:
Waterproof Test:
Color Options:
Model: OBS-3062
Material: ABS High temperature resistant modified plastics
Name: Multifunctional beauty massage brush
Work principle: Sonic cleaning + Acoustic Wave Massage
Output voltage(DC): 100V~240V
Input voltage(AC): 4.5V
Carton box size: 46.5x42.5x59CM
G./N.W.: 12.00/7.90KGS
Package 1pcs/gift box ,10pcs/ carton
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